Call it a wheel hub or a wheel hub bearing, at, we have the correct one for your car in stock.  The wheel hub bearing is a very important car part yet it often gets overlooked.  Considering the wheel hub bearing is the only part that connects the wheels to the car body, it should never be overlooked.  Couple that with the fact that distractions are the second most common cause of car accidents (drunk driving is number one), you want to make sure your car is performing well, free of any mechanical distractions.

A bad hub bearing can cause phantom noises or ghost vibrations at sporadic points during the drive.  Many people respond by checking the brakes, struts, and springs.  If they do not find any issues with those parts, they move on, chalking up the distractions to the car's "old age."  In reality, changing the wheel hub bearing often fixes the issue.  By the time the average car hits 90k miles, the brakes have a been changed a few times and so have the tires.  However, chances are the wheel hub bearings have gone uninspected. This is a frightening trend considering 70% of all car accidents are avoidable.  As a driver, you want the car you drive to be in the best mechanical shape possible to avoid being a statistic.  A driver's ability to manuver the car out of harm's way is paramount and the ability is only limited by the car's mechanical health.

At, we carry hub assemblies for all cars and trucks, domestic or import.  We will even make you a deal if you buy a pair, which is recommended by the mechanic.  Also, every hub assembly we sell comes with a full one year, unlimited miles warranty included at no charge.  Add to that our free UPS shipping on all orders.  We carry new OEM brand and OE qualtiy WheelHubPros brand wheel hub assemblies, both carrying the same warranty.  We also guaranty the part will fit your vehicle.

Along with the warranty and free shipping, you get access to our one-stop-shop, US based, customer service.  Sales, returns, warranties, and other issues are all handled in house.  You will never deal with a 3rd party.  1-888-7-WHEEL-HUB is the only number you need to know Knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to assist you 5 days a week, 9am to 9pm EST.


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